Jamaal Sabree Bio

Meet Jamaal Sabree, an upcoming and rising talent of the Coldwell Banker! Jamaal is a dreamer, a doer, a team player and an entrepreneur, all rolled into one. Being in Sales his entire life, his goal is to do more for the world then the world does for him.

The youngest of six siblings, Jamaal takes great pride in his background and origins. His father is a marine, a man that Jamaal looks up to and respects for being one of the hardest workers he has known and also passing on these values to him at a young age.

Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Michael Dell, Mark Zuckerberg. College dropouts who turned out to be some of the most successful people. Jamaal also dropped out of college to follow his dreams of entrepreneurship and has an aim of making a million dollars per year and to give half of it away.

Mr. Sabree enjoys writing books and music, listening to audio books and teaching people how to be successful. One of the things that bring him great joy is problem solving. Not for self-gain to say, “Look at what I achieved.”, but he genuinely loves solving problems for people and helping them arrive at the best solution possible.